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21 Day Fast ~ It's All About God

Greetings St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church II, Inc.!  It is time to move forward in God.  The bible teaches us that some things come only by fasting and praying.  If we're going to grow in God, we must be all about God. 

The purpose of this fast is to help you deal with the struggles that keep you in bondage.  Satan and his deception can't keep you where you are unless you allow it.  The Lord said it is broken and we are escaped (Psalms 124).  Now, go after God! 

God wants to reveal himself to His people.  I charge you to make up your mind to be all that God has called you to be.  God has chosen this fast to: loose the chains of injustice; untie the chords of the yoke; set the oppressed free; and break every yoke (Isaiah 58:6).


Fast Guidelines

Stay on all medications

  • No meat, dairy, snacks, eggs, fried food, or food with added sugar
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables (No canned fruit)
  • Potatoes - white and sweet (No sugar or butter)
  • Nuts and plain popcorn
  • Drinks - water, herbal tea, decaf coffee, and fresh fruit juice
  • Limit TV and electronics



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